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Americo Life Insurance Company offers a complete portfolio of
competitive life insurance and annuity products. Every product is
designed with our policyholders and agents in mind. A
customer-centric attitude combined with sound management and business practices has brought us to the top of our game.

Sagicor Life Insurance is a full-service life insurance company
with over 50 years of experience in providing reinsurance and
administrative solutions to primary insurers. These solutions
include covering risks such as mortality, investment and persistency on newly-written life insurance policies. Our qualified, experienced management and staff work consistently to achieve the least possible disruption to our customers and their policyholders.

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW) is a member of The National Life Group. A dynamic and growing family of financial service companies offering products and services which help individuals and businesses meet their financial goals. Incorporated in 1955 under Texas law as a legal reserve life insurance company. LSW is licensed to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

In February 1996, National Life of Vermont acquired a majority interest in LSW and in June, 1999 LSW became a wholly owned subsidiary of National Life. Founded in 1850, National Life is among the ten oldest life insurance companies in the United States and is licensed to do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Standard Life of Indiana
, prompt and effective service is the key to everything that we do.  It is truly at the heart of our company‚Äôs mission. 
Whether you are a contract owner, beneficiary, or agent, serving you is our top priority.  We are committed to providing you with knowledgeable, efficient and professional service representatives.  Our response times continue to be among the best in the industry. 
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When you're planning for your retirement years, you want to feel comfortable knowing that your insurance company will be there when you need it. You can feel confident about Aviva.  Why? For starters, our ultimate parent, Aviva plc, is the world's fifth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK. Aviva plc has more than $600 billion in assets under management. We're proud of the fact that Aviva plc is the oldest continuously operating insurance holding company in the world. 

Old Mutual vision is to build a premier international savings and wealth management group.  This vision is built on a solid foundation of asset management and asset gathering expertise as we have a heritage of over 160 years in both South Africa and Sweden.
Our primary objective as a Group is to look after people's money well.
Our value proposition is built on offering our customers and their advisors access to top quartile investment returns and excellent service through business models that offer them choice and best value for money.

W.I.N brings you a weekly radio program for advice on building a secure financial future for you and your family.  This program will show you how to optimize your retirement assets, get higher interest rates from current investments, and help defer or reduce taxes.

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