Advanced Wealth Builders
Ultimate One Annuity

A competitive line of indexed, flexible-premium annuities focused on simplicity and guarantees.

  • Five simple indexed crediting rate options linked to the S&P 500 Index®.
  • 4% Bonus on all first-year premium.
  • No complicated formulas! Only one moving part: Participation Rate, Cap, or Spread.
  • Available options: Monthly Averaging with Participation Rate, Monthly Averaging with Spread, Monthly Averaging with Cap, Point-to-Point with Participation Rate, Point-to-Point with Cap.
  • Competitive Declared Interest Option – 2% minimum guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed minimum value of 1.5% for 9 years and 3% thereafter on 100% of premiums (less surrender charges and any premium tax).
  • 5x5 annuitization option – after the 5th policy year, surrender charges are waived if annuitization is over at least 5 years (not available in all states).
  • Full Account Value death benefit.
  • Waiver of Surrender Charge Upon Nursing Home or Hospital Confinement Endorsement(Series 4139)(May not be available in all states).
  • Systematic monthly interest income after 30 days, available on funds in declared interest account.